If you realize that the size of the delivered item is inappropriate, please contact us by phone 011/2627213 or email, sending the invoice/delivery note, code and the size of the item that you wish to replace, with the originally ordered item.

Also, in case you want to replace the item for another one of the same or higher price level, please contact us by phone on 011/2627213 or email Send us the invoice or delivery note number, size and code of the item you wish to replace with the originally ordered item.

After that, a physical check is carried out regarding the availability of the desired size or desired item, and you will receive instructions on your email explaining the entire process of replacing the item with the right size i.e. replacing the items.

The ordered item cannot be replaced on your own initiative in one of the retail shops of The Fashion Studio BiljanaTipsarevićwithout prior contact and agreement with the Online Store operators mentioned above.

It is compulsory that the returned goods are in a good and unused condition and in their original, undamaged packaging. The ordered goods cannot be replaced if worn.

Replacement deadline

The deadline for the replacement of the size is 14 days from the date when the customer submitted the request and upon receiving the product.

Shipping costs

The expenses pertaining to the replacement of goods and money is borne by the buyer, except in cases when the customer receives a damaged or wrong item.


By clicking CONFIRM on the order form, you confirm that you agree with the replacement of the size of the item and replacement for another item.