In case of withdrawal from the contract,the customer has the right to receive arefund or to replace the product withanother one. The money is returned to the customer upon receipt of the product, and after verifying that the product is intact and in good condition.

The seller is obliged to return to the customer the amount paid in accordance with the contract, at the latest by 14 days of receipt of the statement of withdrawal, after the receipt of the product.

The costpertaining tothe return of goods is borne by the buyer, except in cases when the customer receives a damaged or wrong item.

Refund procedure

Contact us on 0112627213 or by emailing youraccount/dispatch number, your ID (optional) and the number of the current RSD accountto

Upon receipt of the necessary information, relevant documentation will be created,and with the refund procedure, it will be forwarded to the email address given when the order was created.

Refunds are settled only in the manner mentioned above, by paymentto the current dinar account, while it is not possible to send money by courier.

In case of a goods returnor a refund of payment previously made with a bank card, either partially or in full amount, regardless ofthe reason for the return, TheFashion Studio Biljana Tipsarević is obliged toarrange refunds exclusively via the VISA, EC/MC and Maestro payment method. This means that the bankwill refundmoney to the bank account of the payment card holder.

The ordered item cannot be modified by customers on their own, or demand money from The Fashion Studio Biljana Tipsarević without prior contact and consultation with online operators, as mentioned above.In addition, it cannot be sent to the address indicated on the invoice/delivery note.

Each such package will be returned to the sender at the expense of the sender.