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Nina Seničar blistala u belom BT odelu iz aktuelne kolekcije: by Biljana Tipsarević
by Biljana Tipsarević

Sjajna Nina Seničar blistala je u nedelju u voditeljskoj ulozi najpopularnijeg TV serijala Tvoje Lice Zvuči Poznato noseći raskošnu toaletu sa potpisom BT ateljea

AZURNO PLAVO - Senzualna vedrina koja privlači

Doživite vedrinu boja i oplemenite svoju svakodnevnicu. Duga letnja haljina je dobar razlog da obasjate svet oko sebe. Omiljeni model haljine iz aktuelne kolekcije fantastično se ukombinovao sa urbanom arhitekturom Njujorka, a sve to je zabeležio talentovani fotograf Marko Sovilj. Uživajte u fotografijama.



Our main idea was best exemplified by the most grandiose look of the bunch: a slim-fit dress featuring fringed silk organza flange at the side, a corset bodice with hand-knotted ribbon detailing, and crystal and pearl embellishments on the backline. If princess were to have had a happily-ever-after ending to her story, this would have been the dress she’d have worn. Of course, Old World interpretations were given modern updates through exaggerated draped sleeves, fluid off-the-shoulder treatments, and imaginative front slits. “There’s a certain formality and a certain grandeur,” Biljana offered. “But hopefully—hopefully in a new way. Deconstructed but still constructed.”


B I O G R A P H Y -  A L L  A B O U T  T H E  H E A D  D E S I G N E R :

"Biljana Tipsarević is one of the most sought after Serbian fashion designers. She came into the spotlight of the fashion world at the 32nd Belgrade Fashion Week in 2012. "

Her first women’s fashion collection dubbed Zeitgeist was a part of the graduate fashion show of the Italian Istituto di moda Accademia Del Lusso, Belgrade. Ms Tipsarević was born in 1983 in Novi Sad. She graduated from the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad and later obtained a master’s degree in the field of industrial engineering and management. 

Although famous for her stylish, gorgeous and seductive evening dresses, Biljana Tipsarević has not ceased to surprise us with her first, ready-to-wear collection, appropriately titled Unexpected and shown in March 2015. The collection consists of authentic fashion pieces, striking in aesthetics, style and a most superior fit, as well as superb cuts and quality.



It’s amazing to have another person’s creative energy to bounce off, and it’s something I was certainly looking for working by myself.

Cinematic dream, filled with tulle, lace, and organza-in her studio Biljana brought a moodier touch with diaphanous dresses punctuated with pearl and floral embroidery


A name synonymous with all things feminine, Biljana Tipsarević offers fashion-forward silhouettes with a couture approach. Each gown is individually crafted in her Belgrade atelier.


 “I wanted to offer my clients a seductive royalty viewpoint,” said Biljana of her Contessa collection.
The designer also said the 24 looks were her new take on romanticism: “
I felt unhappy by what is typically thought of romantic.” Instead, she offered up a new concept focused on sleeves and asymmetry.


This rethink was most successful on a daring, body-skimming crepe dress, which featured exaggerated draped ruffles on both sides, a tulle whisper of sleeves on the other, and an oversize silk part on the shoulders.
“It’s not simply about the components of a dress that are traditionally woman-related, like lace and chiffon and all these other materials,” Biljana said.
“It’s a total exploration of viewing an evening gown in another context, but still being relatable to modern, young women.”


Special day purists will fawn over the designer’s signature ivory lace offerings, like the sleeveless, plunging V-neck gown with scallop detailing and a more demure long-sleeved version. But it’s when Biljana has pushed the envelope of conventional evening wear that she reminds us why she’s been the reigning designer for years. “I’m trying to push women in a different direction,” she said. The most avant-garde will appreciate the cutaway dress with three-quarter sleeves embellished with sheared-tulle flowers, pearls, and a tuxedo cape, which looked like something Cate Blanchett might wear on an upcoming red carpet.


Biljana’s hope is that by presenting a new, global perspective on gowns, the tides will shift away from sweetheart necklines and mermaid hems. “There are many flowers in this room,” she said, “and there are different essentials. But in the end, in every single context, we’ve pushed that vocabulary further.” Of course, she included some perennial favorites, too—among them a long-sleeve, V-neck, floor-length style dotted with embellishments—but it was the opulent styles that stood above the rest. Biljana’s take on boudoir dressing yielded an ivory ball gown whose bustier top gave way to a hand-appliquéd lace peplum skirt, while a princess dress was reimagined in frothy layers of tulle with floral palettes.

Chic izbor Aleksandre Bojović: by Biljana Tipsarević
by Biljana Tipsarević

Predstavljamo vam modnu igru poznate trendseterke koja se za svoj stilski izraz opredelila za glamurozne haljine iz aktuelne kolekcije Regancy Romance

Fotografije je zabeležila Jovana Tomašević.

Crno kao dobitna kombinacija: by Biljana Tipsarević
by Biljana Tipsarević

Crne elegantne kombinacije nisu više rezervisane samo za večernje prilike. Kreatorka Biljana Tipsarević i super model Višnja Amanović pokazale su pred objektivom Jovane Tomašević kako crnu garderobu nositi kao statemant kombinacije za poslovni look. 

Damski stil : by Biljana Tipsarević
by Biljana Tipsarević

Beogradske ulice zasijale su šarmantnom Aleksandrom Dobrić u belim modelima Biljane Tipsarević. Svetli tonovi uklopili su se uz prohladne dane koji su provejali kroz grad ali nisu dopustili da stil i jedinstvenost ostane neprimećena. Modeli sa slike zabeleženi su fotografskim okom Jovane Tomašević, a dostupni su u ateljeu na adresi Kralja Petra 42.


DAMSKI STIL KAO IMPERATIV: by Biljana Tipsarević
by Biljana Tipsarević

Nova kolekcija HERITAGE donosi modne predloge ateljea BT Biljane Tipsarević za sezonu jesen/zima 2018

Veruje se da će baš oni biti jedni od omiljenih komada gradskih trendseterki koje će suvereno zavladati aktuelnom modnom scenom.

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DEFINICIJA STILA: By Biljana Tipsarevic
By Biljana Tipsarevic

Da li ste razmišljali o stilskoj igri prestola? Šta to jednu damu čini moćnijom od druge? Mnogobrojne teorije su individualne kada je reč o stilu. Ali sve definicije govore isto – aksesoari su vaše ogledalo duše. Godinama u nazad, svoju privatnu kolekciju aksesoara dopunjavam baš luksuznim komadima sa potpisom Jovana.Style. Ovaj post govori baš o njoj.


Dizajn iza kulisa: by Biljana Tipsarević
by Biljana Tipsarević

Zavirite u stvaranje najnovije bridal kolekcije i pogledajte kadrove sa snimanja aktuelne kampanje zabeležene kreativnim okom fotografkinje Jovane Tomašević

By Biljana Tipsarević

Upustite se u modnu pustolovinu i investirajte u komade koji će vam se isplatiti. Crno, elegantno odelo je svakako pravi izbor. Imajte na umu da je rok upotrebe ovakve modne poslastice 24/7 .